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Join Us For A Beer!

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We proudly offer you to taste our best types of beer brewed from carefully selected barley, wheat and hops. Take a look at our promotions page to see how you can experience real ale from the Strong House range

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Our Brewery

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Who we are

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At Strong House Brewery, beer is our business. Our knowledge of brewing, coupled with our understanding
of what the modern ale enthusiast demands, expects and deserves, places us at the front of the pack of Great British brands.

With decades of experience between them, our master brewers are adept at creating beverages for every occasion,
resulting in an impressive array of real ales and urban pasteurised beers made with hand-picked ingredients
and at breweries across the Midlands – the heart of traditional English beer country.
Our Lagers are brewed in state of the heart facilities in central Europe.

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Featured Beer

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Get in touch if you are interested to buy our beers.

Commercial customers only.

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