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Formed in 2015 with the shared vision of bringing British brews to the worldwide market, the Strong House Brewery is proud of the delicious beers it produces, each with its own unique recipe, flavour, packaging and name – reflecting the variety and individuality of our clients and customers worldwide.

We Excel in a wealth of different types of beers, from pale ales and blond beers to the darkest stouts, with a range of flavoured brews in between, catering to many tastes, and we have one of the fastest growing selection of products under the The Drinks Group Holdings range of brands with our UK brews.

Our core range of craft beers are produced in Nottingham, Yorkshire and the West Midlands. We have extended our range with lagers and pilsner beers which are brewed in Poland and France.

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Unique style of classic British brewing

The eclectic mix of beers we produce are made in some of the most modern, state-of-the-art breweries in the UK, and beyond. Our customers can be certain that all our brands of beer, as well as tasting terrific, are professionally produced to ISO compliant standards.

We even have access to breweries across mainland Europe, where continental craftsmen concoct beers that are part of a heritage which dates back centuries.

By working with renowned breweries from such a wide area, the Strong House range possesses something a little extra, which you can see, taste and feel in all our brands – a distinctive edge that can be found in beers of all flavours.

Our two principal breweries in Britain, on the outskirts of Nottingham and our contract breweries, are part of a proud lineage of English ale-making.

One of the finest beer-makers in the Midlands, and a collaborator with Strong House Brewery has cultivated an enviable reputation since it was founded by three friends with a shared vision, and a love of real ale, in 2010. Fiercely independent, unafraid to experiment, and imaginative in its use of birds for their unmistakable branding, our mark, Strong House Brewery is a high-flying brewery brand creator of impeccable taste.

Our Brewery collaborators is a proudly original band of beer experts whose constant innovation and uniquely uncompromising style has won them dozens of awards for their wide range of fine ales.

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While each one of our many beers has its own distinct and unique recipe, the fundamentals of fermentation, passed down from master brewers for generations, remain more or less unchanged – as have the skills needed to perfect the process: patience, attention to detail and dedication.

The Strong House brewers use the finest ingredients and traditional methods to make its beers, beginning with clear water heated to between 70 and 80 degrees centigrade, depending on the recipe.


Taking the finest Maris Otter malted barley, a strain pioneered in post war Cambridge and found in premium British beers, we then add specially roasted malts in a hopper.

The liquor and malt are allowed to combine for an hour as they flow into the mash tun, where they form a thick, viscous consistency, after which time the sugar rich liquid, known as wort, is drained from the mash tun and pumped into the brew kettle.

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More fresh liquor is then added to the tun, washing the sugars from the malt into the brew kettle until the requisite volume is attained.

Next the wort is brought to a rolling boil, and the hops which bestow the beer’s individual flavour are added to the brew at different times for a further hour. The heat is then removed, and the wort allowed to settle for twenty minutes, before being cooled using a plate heat exchanger and transferred to a further fermenting vessel.


Once the sweet wort cools to 20 degrees centigrade, our master brewers mix the preferred yeast strain, Nottingham Ale Yeast, into the brew, converting the sugars into alcohol, after which it is allowed to ferment for at least four days. Once this process is complete, the yeast is separated off the freshly formed beer, which is then chilled to condition for up to a week.

Finally, following this painstakingly precise process, our beer is packaged in casks, bottles and sometimes cans, clearly identified by the Strong House Brewery’s own unmistakable labels. They then make their way eventually to our customers, who invariably are connoisseurs of the finest beers – just like us.

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As well creating and distributing our own exceptional and traditional brands of beers, Strong House Breweries also produces superb ales for private label customers and clients.

Our cutting edge brewing facilities can be used by private clients to create professional quality beers, of a standard far higher than that of home brewing and of many dedicated existing smaller breweries.

We also have a selection of other invaluable services available, such as provision of export and import documentation, which will help your beer to success. Put simply – our resources can provide the brand of beer you want to make.

Beer brand manufacturing is a fantastic opportunity to anyone looking to make a mark on the beer market without the complications of setting up and maintaining a brewery.
For more information about this exciting opportunity, please contact our industry experts using the details below. We look to hearing from you.
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